3 Myths about Subdivision

3 Myths about Subdivision

3 Myths about Subdivision

No matter where you are in Australia today, subdivision is happening. Australia’s population only keeps growing and is presently in the vicinity of 25 million people. All of those people need somewhere to call home, so the reality is that we need more houses. The problem, however, is where to build those houses? The outskirts of our cities are getting further and further away from the centre. What if it were possible to create more room for new houses by dividing up larger blocks in the city and surrounding suburbs? That’s the process of subdivision, which is naturally very popular today among property owners, developers and investors. In this article, we will expunge some basic myths about subdivision.

Myth: Any Residential Block can be Subdivided

There are no absolutes in the world of subdivisions. Unfortunately, not all residential blocks can be subdivided. Usually, there is a minimum size a new lot of land must be to acquire a new title. It would therefore be challenging to subdivide a lot if it was unable to be split into two lots of the minimum size.

What’s much more important than the size and dimension of the subdivision is the zoning of the property. Different zones have different regulations and requirements. Some of them permit subdivisions while others don’t or make it increasingly difficult.

Myth: Subdivision Means Making Small Lots from Larger Lots

From a purely etymological standpoint, you would be forgiven for thinking that subdivision means only to divide properties. In fact, subdivision also means combining smaller properties into a larger one. Subdivision also means moving boundaries as would occur in a boundary realignment.

Myth: Getting Approval for a Subdivision is Extremely Difficult

There is some truth to this myth if you don’t know what you’re doing in the property development space. The fact of the matter is that if you know the property laws and the local zoning requirements, it should be possible to make every step of the subdivision process painless. It’s yet another reason why so many people hire professional property development consultants to make their property developments easy and straightforward. 

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