5 Great Reasons to Survey Your Land

Land surveyor measuring the land.

5 Great Reasons to Survey Your Land

There are numerous reasons why you may need a land survey as a homeowner or property buyer. Surveyors map land and determine land size and property boundaries, and their services can be seen as an insurance policy in many ways because having a land survey provides peace of mind that your development, whether a fence running along the property boundary or the subdivision of a large lot, is legitimate and that you won’t end up in a dispute with your neighbours. Here are five of the top reasons to have a property survey.

1. You’re Building A Fence.

Issues relating to fences, whether you’re thinking of building a new fence, repairing an old fence or your neighbour is making changes to their fence, are among the most common reasons for engaging the services of a land surveyor.

2. You’re Planning A Home Extension.

Engaging a surveyor when extending a home is another popular reason for having a land survey conducted. Proximity to property lines may be an issue for some home extensions and renovation projects, so by engaging a surveyor to perform a boundary survey, you can be sure that your project is good to get underway and that you won’t be at risk financially.

3. To Check The Property For Flooding Issues.

A topographical survey is often required when property buyers have found a block of land that they like and want to ensure it isn’t prone to flooding, if this information isn’t available through the local council. For large properties, an aerial survey may be a wise investment.

4. You’re Planning To Subdivide A Large Lot Into Plots.

When subdividing, the services of a land surveyor are essential. Subdividing a property without first having a land survey conducted just isn’t possible, as you’ll need to apply to the council to have your subdivision plans approved and a land survey is part of the process.

5. You Have A Boundary Dispute With One Of Your Neighbours.

Boundary disputes often arise between neighbours and often over significant sums of money when the dispute involves a home extension or a recently erected fence. A title re-establishment may be required to determine the true boundary line and location of your titles, so if you’re planning on adding a home extension, building a new fence or repairing the old one, it may time to give your neighbour a call and discuss the need for a land survey.

Whatever your plans, a land survey will ensure that you know exactly where your land lies and help to avoid a dispute that could be expensive and find yourself falling out with your neighbours. It happens often, but it doesn’t need to.

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