5 Reasons to Speak to a Town Planner

5 Reasons to Speak to a Town Planner

5 Reasons to Speak to a Town Planner

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Getting in touch with a town planner before building or making alterations to a residential, commercial or industrial property has a multitude of benefits. It can provide you the peace of mind you need that your application won’t conflict with local council requirements, saving you time and often money.

1. Reduce Risk

Town planners use their knowledge and experience to reduce your risk of failing. Their job is to take your great ideas and help you realise them into goals by providing upfront advice. Planning a project without being sure of every potential challenge makes the process stressful, more time consuming and costlier.

By having someone knowledgeable to advise you and tell you what is and isn’t honestly possible, you ensure you are well informed to make better decisions. Working with a town planner at the start of your project and throughout its duration drastically increases your chances for development approval.

2. Find Out About Limitations

Council have various limitations when it comes to how you can develop property. Too often, developers spend a lot of time and money drawing designs and buying property. However, they then find out their project conflicts with zoning laws or other legislation. By engaging a town planner, you can get an upfront appraisal and find out about potential issues with legislation early. A small investment for that expert knowledge can save you a far greater cost later down the track.

3. Increase Your Yield

Town planners do more than just advise you about potential restrictions your project may be subject to. They take an active approach on help you get the best result possible. This includes negotiating with local councils on your behalf to help you achieve the highest development yield.

Some council restrictions can be varied if a town planner presents a good case on why something should be allowed based on factors like the site location, topography, ecology and the final design.

4. Save Time

Town planners make excellent project managers as they often understand the basics of architecture, engineering, ecology and landscape design. That enables them to make informed choices when it comes to decision making and finding the right consultants. Since town planners are in regular contact with council officers and other parties commonly involved in developments, they already have a vast network of established relationships built on trust. This allows every stage of the development to run efficiently.

5. Produce Better Outcomes

From negotiating on your behalf to providing a detailed report on how a development proposal meets the planning scheme requirements, town planners can help you produce the best possible outcome. Experience working on countless developments means town planners have seen it all and can come up with creative solutions to problems.

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