Dr. Jonathan Trent joins World Thought Leaders at Pivotal

Dr. Jonathan Trent joins World Thought Leaders at Pivotal

Dr. Jonathan Trent joins World Thought Leaders at Pivotal

As Bronze Sponsors of Pivotal, ADC welcomes Dr. Jonathan Trent to join the conversation with other world thought leaders.

Dr. Jonathan Trent

Director of NASA OMEGA Global Initiative

NASA researcher for establishing a human settlement on Mars. Leading NASA research for growing algae for biofuel, by cleansing wastewater and trapping carbon dioxide in the process. And it’s all solar powered.

Dr. Jonathan Trent is a NASA Scientist and University Professor, but he comes to us not as a representative from NASA or as an erudite lecturer; he comes to us as a fellow traveller on Spaceship Earth. He will take us to Mars to contemplate the challenges of living on that resource-limited planet and to illustrate how the same parsimonious principles that can create a life-support system for Mars can be applied to Spaceship Earth. He will tell us about his OMEGA project, an integrated life-support system that efficiently transforms wastewater into drinking water, increases local food production, and produces alternative energy in the form of electricity, heat, and liquid fuel; all without using land. OMEGA reaches beyond the limit of our shores, redefines the meaning of wastes, and challenges our ingenuity to create an “ecology of technologies” that efficiently addressed the growing problems of clean water, adequate food, and sustainable energy on our resource-limited planet. Jonathan will change our relationship to the ocean, our attitudes about sea-level rise, and remind us that “we are not passengers on Spaceship Earth; we are the crew.”

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