As Bronze Sponsors of Pivotal, ADC welcomes Dr. Tim Foresman to join the conversation with other world thought leaders.

Dr Tim Foresman
SIBA Chair for Spatial Information at QUT

Former UN Chief Scientist and NASA head of Digital Earth. Recognised as the ‘Father’ of Goggle Earth.

Dr Tim Foresman is a former United Nations’ chief environmental scientist, US national manager for the Digital Earth Initiative, and current SIBA Chair for Spatial Information at QUT.

Foresman’s science and engineering career as an environmental leader spans executive positions across national and international sectors including leading the United Nation’s environmental science program. Forseman’s deep understanding of environmental conditions and human-industrial pressures is expressed through his US and international schedule that includes writing and presentations on suitable development, green growth challenges, and global success and trends in the face of climate change.

Tim Foresman’s visually stunning speaking performance encompass Earth monitoring from space, climate change, ocean protection and conservation, as he authoritatively explains how technology, social networks, and citizen scientists can prepare society for global warming and climate impacts.
His recent textbook Visualizing Physical Geography in partnership with National Geographic Society presents a visually stunning and engaging view of the science behind our knowledge of the Earth’s dynamic systems. He brings a profound scholarly appreciation for climate change science for natural and man-made trends to national and international audiences.

As Earth Scope columnist, he provides accessible understanding for business, government and citizens of current science, engineering, and environmental issues facing our planet and society. A prolific author of scholarly and popular articles, he has launched a children’s book series beginning with The Last Little Polar Bear: A Global Change Adventure Story.

Source: http://www.pivotal2015.org/speaker/dr-tim-foresman/