Eye-spy on Traders

Eye-spy on Traders

Eye-spy on Traders


Thousands of businesses across the city will be hit by a council “drive-by” inspection this year. Council officers have been patrolling Ashmore Road, Bundall, and Smith Street, Southport, to spy out businesses operating out of homes without permission.

Council documents show the practice is about to go city-wide later this year, but businesses in areas already hit have complained exorbitant council fees and red tape made compliance difficult.

There were 25 homes caught out of the 261 checked and Southport councillor Dawn Crichlow said they would have to make application to operate legally and pay more rates – or risk being shut down. A council spokeswoman said the business caught out were yet to be notified. One businessman on Bundall Road, who declined to be named for fear of council retribution, said it should spend more time focused on appropriately zoning areas rather than enforcing regulations.

“If it’s illegal, it’s illegal, but that’s not the issue. The issue is it’s so hard and expensive to become legal,” he said. “They’re going to kill the Coast.” Ashmore Road Cosmetic centre Envisage owner Dr Chris Leat said he spent $36,000 on council infrastructure charges and had applied for a medical rezoning. “I know Ashmore Road is an area council has been looking at for some time,” he said. “It’s a very busy road, so I don’t think many people want to live on this road because of that.” “Maureen Bryant, who has operated Affordable Decorators on Ashmore Road for five years, said she was not concerned because her business was properly registered with the council. “I know of a few that aren’t. They’ll catch a few, but not many,” she said.

Council documents revealed Ashmore Road between Ross Street and Bundall Road and Smith Street between North Street and Kumbari Avenue were hit this year. A doctor’s office operating out of a house was an example given in the documents of what the council was looking for. Of the 25 caught so far, it was estimated they owed the council a combined $31,500 in rates. Businesses have to pay more rates than residential homes.

Source: Gold Coast Bulletin
Saturday, 14-5/11
NEWS pg. 9

Council Crackdown on Local Business

Arnold Development Consultants (ADC) are specialists in assisting businesses with land use compliance, particularly in the areas identified in the above article, which ADC defines as the commercial residential fringe of the city (i.e. the transition area between the two zones.)

Another key specialty of ADC’s is in land use compliance resolution (i.e. Helping land owners and businesses deal with council show cause notices and enforcement action, ADC can assist with the obtainment of the relevant approval to be able to work from residentially zoned areas.

In areas such as Ashmore Road, Bundall Road, and Smith Street, ADC has vast experience in obtaining the relevant approvals for business.

If you require further specialised or individualised service or further information please call our planning department on the following numbers:

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