What Kind of Survey Do I Need?

What Kind of Survey Do I Need?

What Kind of Survey Do I Need?

ADC's Expertise in Land Surveying

There are variety of different surveys you can get depending on the needs of your project. Below we’ll explore some of the surveying services offered in Queensland by ADC and what they are used for.

Aerial Surveying

Aerial surveys are primarily used for aerial mapping projects. Images captured by a UAV, commonly known as a drone, are processed into high quality orthophotos which display the terrain in uniform scale and are geometrically corrected. From engineering design and site planning to checking construction progress, aerial surveys are a helpful way of quickly getting detailed information about the site from above.

The data from the UAV can also be turned into a Digital Elevation Model (DEM). which provides a digital representation of the ground surface topography including every tree, structure and object. This is useful for topographical mapping as well as the calculation of earthworks and stockpile volumes.

Consulting Surveying

Consulting surveying incorporates land surveying services with advice about town planning, urban design and project management. This includes coordinating easements and setting out water mains, sewage and electrical and water road crossings as well as performing lot calculations and more. Consulting surveying services also involves creating a survey plan and document sealing application for the local council.

Engineering Surveys

Engineering surveys involves planning and setting out civil works such as earthworks, road centrelines, canals, batter slopes, retaining walls, stormwater features and more. It incorporates volume and stockpile surveys and generates concise reports to inform infrastructure projects. It’s helpful for everything from building structures like jetties, piers and rail lines as well as bolt down positions for prefabricated items.

Cadastral Surveys

Cadastral surveys are all about determining the proper boundaries of a property. These services can assist with boundary alterations, subdivision, finding the location of new dividing fences, resolving disputes over boundaries, confirmation of boundaries for property buyers and more.

Site Surveys

Site analysis surveys provide a detailed look at the terrain, showing contours of the land and physical details such as trees and other structures on the site and on neighbouring properties as well as beneath the topsoil. They are ideal for town planning applications, house and landscape designs, duplex designs, constraint mapping, engineering design and urban design.

Building Surveys

Building surveys include a whole set of surveys carried out to set out earthworks, peggings for footings, pinning for block works and boundary locations for fence and wall constructions. It’s essential for the construction of houses, duplexes, townhouses, office blocks, industrial buildings, warehouses and commercial buildings.

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Arnold Development Consultant’s expert engineering surveyors have a wealth of experience at the most demanding levels. If you’d like aerial surveying services or any other services related to land surveying or town planning, please contact your local Arnolds regional office in Brisbane, Townsville, Rockhampton, or the Gold Coast.