Why Do I Need a Land Surveyor?

Why Do I Need a Land Surveyor?

Why Do I Need a Land Surveyor?

A land survey is a critical part of land ownership, land management and land use. Your land surveyor is a major asset in all these areas, protecting your ownership rights and assisting with building and land development.

Your surveyor is an authoritative, reliable source of information regarding your property. A surveyor can provide a very broad range of information to assist you in managing and developing your property, and protecting your legal rights.


Why do I need a Land Surveryor


The Value of Land Surveyors

A land surveyor can provide a range of high-value services:

  • Cadastral survey: This precise survey used to define property boundaries and is often used to resolve boundary disputes. These surveys are very valuable in establishing property rights and can eliminate the need for court action in cases where the boundaries are resolved.


  • Subdivision survey: A subdivision survey can be conducted for the establishment of subdivisions, planning, and related purposes. This type of survey is essential to establish site boundaries for your subdivision and manage title considerations.


  • Construction survey: A construction survey is an essential part of the building process. A construction survey is a series of construction-related metrics which includes specific architectural references and site-building measurements.


  • Topographical survey: This is a mapping survey, which may include area mapping, contour mapping and a range of local survey requirements. It’s useful for initial town planning and getting a clear picture of land configuration. These surveys may include 3D mapping, high-resolution photography and contour maps.


  • Site survey: This type of survey relates to a specific site and it may involve a broad range of data. Just about any kind of measurement can be obtained by a site survey, including detailed information regarding the site’s characteristics, elevations, and topography.


  • Developments: Experienced developers require a detailed land survey of their properties. Surveys are as essential as title searches for information regarding property development potential. If for example, a property has low lying land and is in a flood-prone region, these facts would be easily visible on a survey.


Each type of survey has its own specific purposes and benefits. When you engage a surveyor, you can get a truly comprehensive range of data regarding your property.


The Arnold Development Consultants Survey Team

Arnold Development Consultants’ surveyors are leaders in their field. If you’re considering engaging surveyors for a project in Queensland, talk to our team. Our survey experts can provide a comprehensive range of services, including major project survey resources. To enquire about our survey services, call your local Arnold Developments Consultants office or contact us online.