The Nuts and Bolts of Subdivision Planning – the Creation of a Great Subdivision Plan

The Nuts and Bolts of Subdivision Planning – the Creation of a Great Subdivision Plan

Subdividing land is a great way to increase utility and value in a property. A successful subdivision plan will mean the submission of a comprehensively prepared and thought-through application to the local council.

Arnold Development Consultants marry reality with aspiration to deliver subdivision plans and strategies that not only meet local government requirements but also provide the greatest value for our clients. Look at the step by step guide to boundary realignment in Queensland

This article provides you with a guide to some of the essentials of a great subdivision plan.

The Nuts and Bolts of Subdivision Planning – the Creation of a Great Subdivision Plan

A Proper Assessment of Subdivision Opportunities

 Arnold Development Consultants has a team of highly qualified and experienced town planners and land surveyors who can assess and assist with:

  • Consideration and balancing of constraints and opportunities to best achieve client objectives
  • Assessing schematic urban design and undertaking master planning over large sites
  • Formulating overall lot designs
  • Providing accompanying town planning reports for the application and approvals process
  • Lodging full and comprehensive applications


By providing the services at every stage of the subdivision process, Arnold Development Consultants can reduce costs and maximise investment opportunities for our clients as our multidisciplinary team is able to foresee potential problems and opportunities often beyond the scope of those working only on an isolated step in the process.


A New and Accurate Survey

Prior to submitting an application to Council for approval, you are required to have a detailed survey conducted by a registered surveyor with cadastral endorsement. Such a survey will include:

  • Proposed boundary reconfigurations
  • The multiple lots you plan to create
  • Dimensions and frontages of existing dwellings
  • Information on sloping, contours, easements and services to the site

Older surveys may be inaccurate due to error or because of the use of obsolete technologies and methods. Arnold Development Consultant provides the latest surveying techniques and technologies to ensure your survey is watertight and you avoid any complications down the road due to inaccuracy.


Consult Professionals with Experience Dealing with Local Government

Local Councils impose a multitude of constraints upon development proposals. The main factors impacting upon Council imposed restrictions include:

  • Lot sizes
  • Zoning requirements
  • Overlays
  • Neighbourhood plans


Arnold Development Consultants has the local knowledge and experience, as well as the networks and communication avenues to steer a developer through the many government imposed hurdles of the subdivision process. Having access to this knowledge at the outset can eliminate the time and money wasted on improbable subdivision applications.


Consult with an Experienced Town Planner Regarding Financial Considerations

Our experienced town planners have knowledge of all the multitude of fees attached to permits and local government processes. Costs can balloon out far in excess of what is initially expected, so it’s best to consult with one of our town planners first to make sure that proper financing is secured and the dividend will merit the principal investment.


 A great and successful subdivision plan requires a holistic understanding of all the steps involved throughout the process. Consulting with ADC prior to lodging a subdivision application means you’ll save wasted time and money due to unforeseen costs and complications. Contact us today and add the greatest and highest value to your subdivision development.