What Is the Pocket Zoner Pro App?

What Is the Pocket Zoner Pro App?

What Is the Pocket Zoner Pro App?

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Designed by town planner and developer Michael Arnold, lead principal at Arnold Development Consultants, the Pocket Zoner Pro app places Queensland land zoning and land use information conveniently in the hands of the user. This allows you to drastically reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to access town planning information.

How Does It Work?

The app contains data about over two million properties across Queensland. As more information about properties becomes available, the zoning and LGA information will be loaded. By downloading the Pocket Zoner Pro app, users can find properties of interest and order a town planning assessment from expert registered town planners.

You can ask a planner questions for free and get expert advice about:

  • Land use
  • Rezoning
  • Subdivision
  • Land development

Obtain town planning reports into land use and zoning by either dropping the pin on the property in the map on the app or by typing the address (if known) into the app.

Benefits of Using the Pocket Zoner Pro App

Pocket Zoner Pro was developed to solve the need for instant zoning and local government information in Queensland when not at home or in the office. Rather than navigating council websites for minutes on a laptop or desktop, you can get land zoning information in seconds from the app. This technology allows you to find valuable, accurate information instead of relying on the usual methods such as RP data which is simply not accurate when it comes to land zoning.

Getting title details from the selling agent means users can use the app to instantly obtain the land zoning and local council area of the property, giving an edge when they are thinking about buying property. This means you can find out what the property can be used for and whether it can be developed through a subdivision.

Why Did We Make the Pocket Zoner Pro App?

Pocket Zoner Pro was developed to make finding zoning and local government information easier, especially when not at home or in the office. As a town planner, Michael Arnold uses the Pocket Zoner Pro while sitting in the office because it’s simply more efficient than traditional ways of finding that information.

Before making the app, Michael considered how technology would impact his industry. Having seen an escalation of business generated from his website to more than 50 per cent over 10 years, Michael considered what would be the next big thing. From his expert perspective, the answer was streamlining the way you can access information about land use and zoning using the latest technologies. The Pocket Zoner Pro app was born by combining this idea with openly available property data from the Queensland Government.

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