Renewal of Pastoral Holding Leases  –  Queensland

Renewal of Pastoral Holding Leases – Queensland

Renewal of Pastoral Holding Leases – Queensland

ADC supports the Queensland Government in its changes to the Land Act which benefit Lease Holders of Pastoral Holdings.

Amendments to the Land Act on the 1st July now enable Lease Holders of Pastoral Holdings and the like to renew their term lease for the same term without waiting for 80% of the lease to expire. These new roll over provisions have the potential to add great value to the lease, security in tensure and increased certainty of boundary locations.

The Department of Natural Resources and Mines notified all Lease Holders of the change in legislation last month and also identified a number of leases that have inadequate survey information to enable renewal of registration. The government recognised a cost to Lease Holders who will require a new lease plan and the hardships that many in the rural community were experiencing. To assist Lease Holders that require an updated lease plan, DNRM advised the surveying industry in a Survey Alert on Monday 4th August that the Department would support the industry by supplying all survey information at no cost with survey data being solely for the use of the project.

Sources:  SIBA, Department of Natural Resources and Mines

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