Smart Governance – Not More Red tape!

Smart Governance – Not More Red tape!

QLDADC reaffirm our plea for improved efficiencies in State Planning Processes and best practice for Local Government. We also reiterate that now is not the time to introduce a State Planning Policy for Coastal Management (refer to our previous article on the QLD Coastal Plan) which could potentially stifle development and progress and adversely affect the sectors identified as struggling in the below post, namely: New Dwellings; Dwelling Alterations and Additions; Non-Dwelling Construction (Buildings); other provate sector investment; and Household Consumption!

Figures reveal limited growth outside of resource sector

The two speed Queensland economy was on full display last week with the release of the June quarter National Accounts. Queensland State Final Demand (a measure of state economic activity) — rebounded strongly growing 3.5% in the June quarter. Engineering construction and business investment in machinery and equipment contributed to more than three quarters of the growth in the quarter. In contrast, new dwelling investment subtracted 0.11 percentage points from growth whilst non-dwelling building activity added just 0.18 percentage points to growth.

Contribution to June quarter Queensland Economic Growth
Percentage Point Contribution


Source: Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) QLD