The Importance of Keeping Trees and Parks in Our Cities and Towns

The Importance of Keeping Trees and Parks in Our Cities and Towns

A bench under a tree in the Royal Botanic Gardens.


You may not spend your lunch breaks or play sports in the park as so many Australians do, but it’s impossible to deny that trees and parks make our towns and cities better places.

So, what is it about having trees, parks and green spaces around that’s so beneficial to our lives and lifestyles, and why do town planning consultants place so much importance on sustainability, preserving existing green spaces and the development of new ones?

Trees Help With Air Quality

As trees absorb carbon dioxide (a large tree can absorb 21.6kg of carbon dioxide every year) and reduce air pollution, there’s now much more emphasis on planting trees near major roads and heavily congested areas. In fact, this is a trend that can be seen with city and urban development projects everywhere.

The positive effects that trees have on air quality in cities are well-documented, and both government and business have been quick to plant more trees to mitigate air pollution. Recent studies have shown that tree-lined streets may see as much as a 60% reduction in exhaust fume particles which contain harmful chemicals such as lead, carbon monoxide, cadmium and nickel.

Inner-city Heat Reduction

Cities are hotter than urban areas for several reasons, including energy consumption, restricted air flow and the physical density of buildings, so it’s no surprise that town planners leverage the cooling effects that trees provide to minimise inner city temperatures. While the effects are often barely noticeable outside (depending on the weather and climate of the location), it’s indoors that the effects of planting trees close to buildings are often most noticeable. Planting trees can lower temperatures by as much as eight degrees, which can also reduce the use of air conditioning in homes and commercial environments by 30%.

Support Animal Life

In countries like Australia we’re surrounded by an abundance of wildlife that bless our lives in so many ways, and that also we have a duty to protect. Parks and green spaces support a myriad of wildlife in towns and cities across Australia, and most of us don’t have to travel too far to find a local nature conservation or national park in which we can see amazing wildlife up close. In fact, most of us see a large variety of birds and animals on a daily basis and that’s something very special that not everyone around the world can enjoy, which is yet another reason why it’s so important for urban design to allow for green spaces.

Sustainable Town Planning And Development

At Arnold Development Consultants, we take green spaces seriously, as we understand the inherent importance that trees and parks have on our towns and cities, and, of course, the lives and lifestyles of those who live, work, study and play there. Contact ADC for town planning and community engagement services to effectively work through issues with stakeholders on projects that involve thoughtful sustainable development.