Understanding Boundary Surveys

Understanding Boundary Surveys

Understanding Boundary Surveys

A boundary survey is a process of redefining and marking out the boundaries located on the Title Plan attached to your Certificate of Title. It can also be called a check survey, identification survey or a re-survey.

From this survey, a plan is produced showing the comparison between the title boundary positions and any existing fence or building along or near your property. This plan contains information crucial to determining the legal title boundaries of a parcel.


Boundary Survey Queensland

When Do You Need One?

A boundary survey is performed by a licensed surveyor (also called a cadastral surveyor) and can be necessary for a number of situations, such as:

  • Activating a subdivision approval
  • Constructing a new building on a title boundary
  • Extending an existing building to a title boundary
  • Improvements to a house or building on or near the boundary
  • Erecting a new fence
  • Improvements to a fence or retaining wall
  • Establishing exact boundaries for strata title purposes
  • Double checking boundaries when buying or selling
  • Resolving boundary disputes with neighbours


What is the Process?

Before a boundary survey is undertaken, all relevant survey information needs to be obtained. This includes any registered surveys within the vicinity of the land.

The surveyor will need a recent copy of the title and title sketch. This will contain important information such as the dimensions and area of the land as well as road abuttals, easement locations and covenants. These factors can all have an effect on any proposed developments.

After the survey is conducted, your surveyor will produce a plan showing the relationship between existing buildings and title dimensions, which may or may not differ from the title sketch. The plan will advise you of any easements or restrictions on the title and offer detailed findings of the survey. This plan is legally traceable and is registered with the Department of Natural Resources and Mines in Queensland.


Hiring a Qualified and Experienced Surveyor

It can be challenging to conduct a boundary survey. Mistakes can end up costing you thousands or disrupt your plans for developing the site. To avoid the risk of this happening, you should always have a licensed and experienced surveyor undertake the survey.

If you need an experienced and qualified surveyor in Queensland, get in touch with Arnold Development Consultants. With more than 50 years of experience in surveying from the Gold Coast to North Queensland, our consultants can help in a variety of projects including title re-establishment surveys. Contact us today for more information.