Urban Design

Urban Design and Future of Land Use Patterns

Arnold Development Consultants (ADC), established in the 1960’s, is a multidisciplinary Land Development Strategies firm which specialises in town planning, land surveying, urban design and project management. Our expertise in this field is listed below

Design of Future Land Use Patterns.
Drawing on a surveyors understanding of our natural environment and topography, urban design is a natural function of the modern surveyor. ADC’s motto stems from the interaction of Town Planners and Surveyors at the task of Urban Design. ‘Lifestyle Solutions through Excellence in Surveying and Town Planning’.

  • Lot layouts for estates and small subdivisions.
  • Mathematical calculations for dimensions and areas adhering to professional guidelines
  • Preparation of Layout plans
  • Calculations and plans for building envelope plans
  • Calculations and plans for proposed covenants and easements