EnviroDevelopment Certification In Queensland

ADC have been accredited by the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) as EnviroDevelopment Professionals..  ADC can assist you with obtaining formal certification as an EnvironDevelopment for your next project.  Let ADC take your project through the process including: Expression of Interest; Project Registration; Application Submission; Board Review; Certification Decision; and ongoing annual certification.

EnviroDevelopment Professionals in Queensland Australia

EnviroDevelopment is a national rating tool which provides independent verification of a project’s sustainability performance.

EnviroDevelopment recognises those projects that achieve exceptional sustainability outcomes and provides a point of difference in a highly competitive market.  EnviroDevelopment is a powerful selling tool that can be used to clearly articulate reduced costs of living and operating expenses.

The EnviroDevelopment National Technical Standard which sets out the criteria for assessment and supporting documentation requirements.  The certification process is rigorous and designed to assess project initiatives across six areas – ecosystem, waste, energy, materials, water and community.

EnviroDevelopment is an initiative of the Urban Development Institute of Australia (Queensland) and was established to drive the delivery of more sustainable communities and spaces.

The EnviroDevelopment Brand

Once certified, an EnviroDevelopment project gains access to the EnviroDevelopment logo suite.  A certified project displays the icons in the ‘leaves’ relevant to its certification.

The EnviroDevelopment marketing logo is used by the UDIA for marketing and promoting the EnviroDevelopment program. This logo is not for use by any external party (including certified projects) unless agreed to by the UDIA (QLD).

Research commissioned by EnviroDevelopment has shown that certified projects which integrates the EnviroDevelopment brand within the project’s communication strategy, are the most successful in creating awareness about the project’s sustainability features and the positive images on end users’.

Following certification, project teams receive a Marketing and Branding Guide and ongoing marketing support to optimise the value of EnviroDevelopment certification.