Strategic Town Planning in Queensland

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Strategic Planning Services

At Arnold Development Consultants, strategic planning and urban design are at the forefront of our work. Town planning is about more than just imposing restrictions on new developments. It’s a process that if handled strategically, benefits everyone from the developer to the local community and ecosystem.

Drawing on vast experience in dealing with the state and municipal authorities, our expert team can provide you with accurate and effective consulting advice in all areas of land use. Making sound, informative decisions made at the planning level can have a crucial impact later in any project’s lifespan.

Town Planning Services

Arnolds offers a comprehensive suite of strategic town planning services, including but not limited to the following:

Planning Scheme Policy Development and Review

Our team has extensive experience writing public policy documents and can set out objectives, policies and provisions for the use, development and protection of land in a particular area on behalf of a local council or Minister for Planning.

Local Government Infrastructure Plans (LGIP)

Arnolds have previously assisted local councils with priority infrastructure planning and can write an LGIP which identifies the local government’s plans for trunk infrastructure that are necessary to service urban development at the desired standard of service in a coordinated, efficient and financially sustainable manner.

Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUA)

Our expert planning manager can help establish a voluntary agreement to suit specific circumstances between a native title group and others (typically local councils) about the use of land and water, including considerations regarding compensation and employment and economic opportunities for native title groups.

Public Policy Submissions

Arnolds can also assist with preparing comprehensive submissions to either local or state governments on town planning and land development policy related matters that affect individual land parcels or your property rights in general.


Contact ADC for Strategic Planning Services

At Arnold Development Consultant, we provide expert consultancy services in relation to strategic planning in Queensland. We provide a full spectrum of town planning, property development, engineering surveys, and land surveying services according to client needs.

If you’d like to arrange for a consultation, you can contact your local Arnolds office in Brisbane or the Gold Coast.