Subdivision Planning: Reconfiguring a Lot

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Subdivision Planning In Queensland

Subdivision planning aims to create new land parcels through the submission of a comprehensively prepared application to the local Council.

ADC’s expert property development consultants can assess the overall feasibility of subdividing any parcel of land and can advise as to the most appropriate density and mechanism to create the additional lots.

Assessing Subdivision Opportunities

The benefit of subdividing land is that in the process of creating new land parcels, an increased opportunity exists to dispose of the land to a third party or develop the land more intensively, perhaps even for a different purpose.

For land subdivision, ADC’s highly qualified town planners (in conjunction with qualified land surveyors from our own in-house survey division) can assess and assist with:

  • Constraints and opportunities consideration;
  • Assessing schematic urban design and undertaking master planning over a large site;
  • Formulating overall lot design (in conjunction with our in-house survey division);
  • Preparing supporting town planning merits-based reports; and
  • Lodging comprehensive applications.

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