Land Surveying

Land Surveying in Queensland

Arnold Development Consultants  provide a wide range of land surveying services for leading property developments across Queensland. With over 50 years of experience, we can offer you the highest levels of expertise with a team capable of handling complex and multi-use land development projects.

Our highly experienced land surveyors have participated in many major projects throughout Queensland for commercial and government clients. We provide a complete framework of land survey services, including expert titling advice, technical support, plan preparation and compliance documentation.

Consulting Surveying

We can provide crucial information for the planning stages of your next development project, such as:

  • Lot calculations
  • Lot pegging
  • Surround survey
  • Sewerage, stormwater and water main set out
  • Coordination of easements
  • Electrical and water road crossings set out
  • As-Constructed Surveys (ADAC)

Engineering Surveys

Our engineering surveys can assist you in setting out civil works such as earthworks, road centrelines, canals, batter slopes, retaining walls, stormwater features and more. It incorporates volume and stockpile surveys and generates concise reports to inform infrastructure projects.

Cadastral Surveys

Our cadastral surveys can help you determine the proper boundaries of a property. These services can assist with boundary alterations, subdivisions, finding the location of new dividing fences, resolving disputes over boundaries, confirmation of boundaries for property buyers and more.

Site Surveys

Site surveys are beneficial for town planning applications, house and landscape designs, duplex designs, constraint mapping, engineering design and urban design. Get a detailed look at the terrain and contours of the land you’re looking to develop, including physical details such as trees and other structures on the site and on neighbouring properties as well as beneath the topsoil.

Building Surveys

Building surveys are essential for the construction of houses, duplexes, townhouses, office blocks, industrial buildings, warehouses and commercial buildings. They help set out earthworks, peggings for footings, pinning for block works and boundary locations for fence and wall constructions.

Disclosure Plans

Disclosure Plans are prepared by our land surveying consultants’ team towards the end of the development cycle to help sell or promote the project. Residential, commercial and industrial developments can benefit from this service.

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