Land Subdivisions

Land Subdivisions in Queensland

If you’re subdividing land for your next development, the experienced team at Arnold Development Consultants can help. With over 50 years of experience, we’ll ensure your project moves smoothly from conception to completion. Using the best land use strategies in Queensland, our team will ensure you achieve the highest and best use for your land. Our subdivision services cover a complete range of technical services outlined below.

Subdivision Design

Drawing on our understanding of land and topography, we’ll provide precise designs for your subdivision including:

● Lot layouts for estates and small subdivisions
● Preparation of layout plans
● Calculations and plans for building envelope plans
● Calculations and plans for proposed covenants and easements
● Mathematical calculations for dimensions and areas adhering to professional guidelines

Subdivision Planning

Let our professional team streamline your subdivision planning by managing the process of making a submission of a comprehensively prepared application to the local council. We can assess the overall feasibility of subdividing land parcels and the most appropriate density and mechanism to create additional lots.

Master Planning

We can help you establish a master plan — a long-term, often evolving planning document that outlines key elements assisting in the development of new or existing ‘diversified’ sites.

Cadastral Surveys

With our cadastral surveys, you can determine the precise boundaries of a property you are subdividing, helping you find the location of new dividing fences and confirming existing boundaries as a purchaser.

Site Surveys

Site surveys help you get a detailed look at the terrain and contours of the land you’re looking to subdivide and develop, including physical details such as trees and other structures on the site and on neighbouring properties as well as beneath the topsoil.

Consulting Surveying

Find out crucial information during the planning process of your next development with our consulting surveys, which will uncover:

● Lot calculations
● Lot pegging
● Surround survey
● Sewerage, stormwater and water main set out
● Coordination of easements
● Electrical and water road crossings set out
● Survey Plans in Standard, Building or Volumetric formats
● Plan Sealing with the relevant Local Authority

Engage Arnolds for Quality Subdivision Services

To discuss your subdivision project needs, contact your local Arnolds office in Brisbane or the Gold Coast.