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Building Survey in Queensland

Building surveys are essential for the construction of houses, duplexes, townhouses, office blocks, industrial buildings, warehouses and commercial buildings. At Arnold Development Consultants, we can help with the surveying and planning of your next construction project in Queensland.

Our multidisciplinary consultancy specialises in town planning, land surveying, urban design and project management, with over 50 years of experience assisting in the strategic planning and execution of various complex developments. We can provide a number of different building surveys depending on the requirements of each specific project.

Building Set Out

Used for planning a variety of residential, commercial and industrial building constructions, building set out involves a set of surveys for activities such as:

  • Earthworks set out
  • Pegging for footings
  • Pinning for block work
  • Offset points for single set out
  • Offset profile boards
  • Benchmark (TBM) established in Aust. Height Datum (AHD)
  • Boundary location for fence or wall construction

Building Format (Strata) Plans

A building format plan is a form of subdivision which usually applies to duplex developments, multi-story buildings subdivided into individual unit titles, and in some cases, other developments like townhouses. It defines land using the structural elements of a building, such as floors, walls and ceilings.

Lease Surveys

Lease surveys are undertaken to measure the area of land or space within the walls of a building with multiple leases such as a shopping centre. This determines the value of the space over the life of the lease. Many leases are valued based on a per square metre basis. This makes it essential to engage a surveyor to gain an accurate measurement and ensure compliance with the land titles requirements for long term and high valued leases.

Any building or land lease that has a term of 3 years or longer is considered a long-term lease and must be accompanied by a lease plan prepared by a licenced surveyor. Any lease within a complex of more than 5 units must also include a master sketch showing the location of the unit within the complex.

Contact Arnolds for Building Surveying Services

Arnolds land surveying consultants provide building survey services for many major Queensland properties. If you’d like to arrange for a consultation, you can contact your local Arnolds office in Brisbane or the Gold Coast.