Change In Land Use (MCU) Including Infill Development

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Change in Land Use Including Infill Development

Many developments require you to submit a change in land use application to the relevant local council. This type of activity is referred to as a Material Change in Use (MCU). At Arnold Development Consultants, we can assist with preparing and lodging your MCU application as well as providing you with expert advice based on our decades of experience managing council submissions for developments in Queensland.

Arnolds can assist in preparing all applications for changes in land use. This also includes conducting initial feasibility assessments so you can find out whether a particular parcel of land is suitable for your proposed use before making a submission to the council.

When is an MCU Required?

Whenever you want to change the use of a land, the local council uses your MCU application to assess the potential impacts of this change. An MCU applications is usually required when there is:

● The start of a new use of a building or on the land
● The re-establishment of a use that has been abandoned
● A material change in the intensity or scale of the use of the land.

There are differing levels of assessment of MCU applications. These tend to relate to the scale and intensity of the change/use that is being proposed.

Development Feasibility and Opportunity Analysis

Our town planners can assess the development opportunities applicable to a site and inform you of any likely development constraints and issues. We can produce a detailed development opportunity analysis report that you can use as part of your due diligence process.

We’ll help you consider how to best develop a parcel of land prior to purchasing it by analysing the site and assessing key physical, environmental and legislative matters that may impact the development potential of the land.

Land Development Strategies and Project Management

Our town planning team can advise you on all the constraints and opportunities regarding the potential development of land. We have extensive experience with subdividing land, assessing urban development opportunities and helping to execute projects from initial feasibility right through to final approval.

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