Change In Land Use (MCU) Including Infill Development

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Undertaking a change in land use typically involves an application to the local Council.  Councils refer to this type of activity as a Material Change in Use or “MCU”.

When a change in land use is contemplated, the Council typically expects a proponent to lodge an application so that the potential impacts of that “change” can be assessed.  There are differing levels of assessment of MCU applications. These tend to relate to the scale and intensity of the change/use that is being proposed.

Planning Consultant and Land Development Consultant Services

ADC can assist in preparing all applications for changes in land use.  ADC planning consultants can also:

  1. Conduct initial feasibility assessments. This determines whether a particular parcel of land is suitable for a proposed use before any approach to Council is made.
  1. Provide planning consultant services on a range of potential development scenarios and identify strategies to achieve them. The company draws upon its extensive experience in land subdivision and subdivision design to provide the perfect nexus between constraint and opportunity.

(1)    Development Feasibility and Opportunity Analysis

Our town planners can assess the development opportunities applicable to a particular site and identify likely development constraints and issues.  We can produce a detailed development opportunity analysis report that a client can use as part of a “Due Diligence” process. Alternatively, we can provide a ‘quick hits’ assessment of likely development potential.

Prior to purchase, or when considering how best to develop a parcel of land, ADC can assist by undertaking a detailed desktop analysis of the site by identifying likely key physical, environmental and legislative matters that may affect the development potential of the land.  This service is usually undertaken in conjunction with ADC’s Compiled Feasibility Plans, which depict boundaries, topography and aerial photography – and is prepared with input from the company’s survey division.

(2)    Land Development Strategies & Project Management

Our town planning team can draw upon their extensive experience in land subdivision and subdivision design to provide the perfect nexus between constraint and opportunity.  Master planning for new urban subdivisions calls upon the skills of both disciplines – experience that is held “in-house” at ADC.  ADC’s town planning division coordinates the approvals process for all new urban subdivision and can master plan new urban development opportunities from initial feasibility right through to final approval.

Under the project management of the Company’s town planning division, ADC can progress subdivision applications and changes in land-use (at all times aiming to maximise development opportunity and outcome).

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