Cadastral Surveys


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Cadastral Surveyors in Queensland

Arnold Development Consultants (ADC), established in the 1960’s, is a multidisciplinary Land Development Strategies firm which specialises in town planning, land surveying, urban design and project management. Our expertise as land surveying consultants, including cadastral surveys, is listed below.

Subdivision Surveys

Subdivision surveys are carried out after Council approval of Reconfiguration of Lot application to create two or more new parcels of land.

Boundary Alterations

This is a service to assist with realigning boundaries or exchanging land with a neighbour.

Identification Surveys

Missing pegs, location of new dividing fences, encroachment enquiries, boundary disputes, confirmation of boundaries for new home buyers.

Building Format (Strata) Plans

Duplex developments, (strata titling), multi-storey buildings subdivided into individual unit titles. Exclusive Use Area (EUA) definitions, Service Location Diagrams, Submissions to Council for Plan Sealing.

Lease Surveys

Long term or high-value leases may require cadastral surveys to define the areas being leased. This survey plan accompanies the lease agreement and is registered against the land title to protect all interested parties.

Engaging ADC cadastral survey services

ADC’s land surveying consultants have extensive experience at the highest professional level. If you’d like to enquire about our cadastral survey services, contact your local ADC regional office in Brisbane, Rockhampton, Townsville, or the Gold Coast to arrange an appointment.