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Cadastral Survey in Queensland

At Arnold Development Consultants, we provide a wide range of cadastral surveying services for land development projects outlined below. Established in the 1960’s, we have extensive experience specialising in town planning, land surveying, urban design and project management.

Subdivision Surveys

Any time you’re subdividing land into two or more lots, you require a compliant cadastral survey to be carried out. The survey determines the existing boundaries and is used to understand the new proposed boundaries for the subdivision. A subdivision plan can then be produced, outlining both existing boundaries and marking new boundaries.

Boundary Re-alignment

Boundary re-alignments provide for the adjustment of boundaries between existing registered properties. The adjustment must be of a minor nature or be a result of exchanging land with a neighbour. Key considerations include:

  • The location, size and topography of the development
  • Whether it will necessitate a reallocation of the unit entitlement

A boundary re-alignment requires the lodgement of a Reconfiguration of a Lot (ROL) application with your areas relevant Local Authority or Council.

Identification Surveys

These surveys are used to discover missing pegs, the location of new dividing fences or any easements and covenants on the land. It can also be used for encroachment enquiries, boundary disputes and for the confirmation of boundaries for new home buyers. The carrying out of an Identification Survey is the only legally traceable way to prove the location of boundaries and potential encroachments.

Building Format (Strata) Plans

A building format plan is a type of subdivision for large or multi-storey buildings with multiple units and defines land using the structural elements of the building including floors, walls and ceilings.

Lease Surveys

Long term or high-value leases may require cadastral surveys to define the areas being leased. This survey plan accompanies the lease agreement and is registered against the land title to protect all interested parties.

Tilting Surveys

Arnolds highly experienced land surveyors will assist you in developing the best and most efficient land subdivision strategy. Whether that be through standard, building or volumetric subdivision or a combination of all three, Arnolds will advise of the best way forward.

Engage Arnolds for Cadastral Surveying Services

Arnolds land surveying consultants provide building survey services for many major Queensland properties. If you’d like to arrange for a consultation, you can contact your local Arnolds office in Brisbane or the Gold Coast.