Compliance Resolution and Show Cause Notices

Land Development Compliance Resolution: Show Cause Notices

Arnold Development Consultants (ADC) – established in the 1960s – is a multidisciplinary land development strategies firm specialising in town planning, land surveying, urban planning, and project management.

Land Use Resolution Planning (LURP) is a service offered by ADC to landowners in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Townsville, Rockhampton and throughout Queensland who have been issued a “Show Cause Notice”.

What is LURP?

LURP is centred on justifying a development which has already occurred or started by gaining the retroactive approval of council. If a Show Cause Notice has been issued, the local Council has become aware of an alleged land development, such as the construction of an additional dwelling on site or the operation of a particular land use, which has been undertaken without the consent of the appropriate authority, and when prior consent has been deemed to be necessary as the planning instruments stipulate.

ADC can resolve such ‘development offences’ through:

  • Preliminary assessment by our town planners and regional planning;
  • Drawing on our experience in urban planning and regional planning advise the landowner as to the most appropriate mechanism for resolution; and
  • Acting on behalf of the land owner by, typically, lodging an application with local councils

Protect Your Hard Work

If you have been issued with a “Show Cause Notice” you will understandably want to resolve the issue quickly. With ADC’s expert town planning consultants on your side, you will have the best chance of obtaining council permission and protecting your hard work and investment. Contact us online or call our Brisbane or Gold Coast.