Our Planning and Surveying Services in Queensland

At Arnold Development Consultants, we provide a wide range of services across a broad spectrum of town planning, land surveying and other related services. Whether you need help subdividing land to build your new home or require aerial surveying for large scale 3D topographical mapping, our experienced professionals can help you with services that meet the highest standards.

Town Planning

Our expert town planners can help you strategically plan and execute a project in Queensland that benefits all stakeholders. Our town planning services include:

We’ll assist you in making submissions and ensure your project works in line with the various schemes, policies, plans and agreements in Queensland affecting developments.

Land Surveying

Our team of land surveyors have extensive experience assisting with complex, multi-use land development projects across Queensland. We can assist with everything from plan preparation and compliance to surveying and technical advice, with our range of services including:

We can provide full-service solutions for your developments, no matter how large, and use the latest tools to ensure your project is planned and carried out efficiently and cost-effectively.

EnviroDevelopment Certification

At Arnold Development Consultants, we are committed to promoting environmentally friendly ways of developing land that goes beyond the bare minimum set out by regulations, including:

  • Using green or recycled materials in new constructions
  • Designing projects capable of harvesting solar energy
  • Reducing water and energy use during building
  • Ensuring constructions have a long lifespan and are easy to maintain
  • Facilitating recycling and waste minimisation during the project
  • Incorporating green space to counterbalance any green space removed during development.

We are certified by EnviroDevelopment for our sustainable development practices. Together, we help contribute towards minimising developments that are completed hastily, are low quality and negatively impact the environment and people’s well-being.

Contact ADC for Town Planning and Surveying Services

At Arnold Development Consultant, our experts have a wealth of experience at the most demanding levels when it comes to services related to surveying or town planning. Contact your local Arnolds office in Brisbane or the Gold Coast.