ADC welcomes Evan Munks to the team

Arnold Development Consultants (ADC) extends a very warm welcome to our newest surveyor, Evan Munks.  Evan studied at Otago University in New Zealand where he graduated with his Bachelor in Surveying in 2008.  Since then Evan has worked on numerous construction projects in New South Wales and Queensland.  Evan brings international experience to ADC’s Survey Section as well through his work in the Middle East as a Hydrographic and Engineering Surveyor, where he spent three years working on geo-physical surveys, carrying out remotely operated vehicle inspection surveys, dive support and offshore pipe laying operations.  In his experience overseas Evan had to deal with dangerous and challenging environments with little support whilst also working with clients whom were of a different nationality. Combine all this and you get a surveyor whose many years in construction has made him a perfect match for our roll here in South East Queensland as a qualified Surveyor.  Evan is also undertaking further studies and assessment with the Surveyors Board of Queensland to further himself within the professions and become a Registered Surveyor with Cadastral Endorsement. Undoubtedly Evan will be crucial to ADC’s future success and growth.