Debunking the Myths about Land Surveying

Two men standing on a hill survey the land

Debunking the Myths about Land Surveying

There’s so much more to land surveying than simply measuring property boundaries, with these highly skilled and qualified professionals providing an array of essential services and solutions that enable fencing, building, construction, infrastructure developments and so much more. Whether you’re building a home or a fence around your property, developing a subdivision or planning the development of a commercial complex, you’ll need the services of a professional land surveying and consulting team like Arnold Development Consultants.

As experienced surveyors, we often find that some people are a little confused about land surveying, what’s involved, what it enables, the benefits it provides and its importance in the outcome of any development project, from building a fence or extending your home to subdividing a large block. Here we debunk some of the top myths about land surveying.

If You Can Find the Survey Stakes, You Don’t Need A Land Survey.

If you’ve found the survey stakes you’ve got a strong idea of where the property line is, but you can never be certain if it’s accurate. Not only could someone have moved the survey pegs since the land survey took place, but the previous survey could have been incorrect or conducted a long time ago with incorrect survey records.

The Longer A Fence Has Been There, The More Accurate The Line.

Following on from the previous myth, if you’re of the opinion that the longer the fence has been there the more accurate it is, you should really think again. Survey records are much more accurate than they were even forty or fifty years ago, so if you’re making property development decisions based on what could be an out-of-date property line, you could find yourself encroaching on your neighbour’s land.

You Only Need To Find The Survey Because The Land Has Already Been Surveyed.

Many people assume that all land has been surveyed because they’ve found their property on a map, but unfortunately maps can be wrong, and you could be risking a significant sum of money if you’re building near a property line. If your neighbour had a property survey performed and you ended up in court, it would be the licensed and qualified land surveyor’s findings that would prevail, not your findings in a map — no matter how recent or accurate it is.

Land Surveys Are Too Expensive To Bother With.

Land surveys are an investment, not an expense. When you have a qualified and experienced land surveyor provide you with a land survey that clearly outlines your property boundary, it provides the peace of mind to build or develop without the risk of encroaching on your neighbours’ properties. It also provides assurances that your investment isn’t at risk unnecessarily.

My Neighbours Won’t Encroach On My Land.

You might know your neighbours very well and know they’d never encroach on your land deliberately, but what if they built a fence before you moved in next door and the site wasn’t surveyed and the property line was wrong? Mistakes happen, but there are ways to prevent mistakes from happening (and neighbours falling out), like having a land survey performed before building a fence, subdividing or making any major changes to your property.

At Arnold Development Consultants, our surveying team provides a full range of land surveying services, including plan preparation and compliance documentation. Contact your nearest ADC office in Brisbane or the Gold Coast to discuss your land surveying needs with a skilled surveying professional today.