Encountered a Dodgy Surveyor? What to do about it!

Encountered a Dodgy Surveyor? What to do about it!

Encountered a Dodgy Surveyor? What to do about it!

Surveyors are generally very reliable, but every so often, you may encounter an unscrupulous surveyor. The results of a dodgy survey can be incredibly expensive. Incorrect measurements, inaccurate boundaries, incompetent site surveys, and other problems can all be symptoms of below standard surveyor competencies.

Errors in surveys may also include what’s called “bias in results”, which is a survey that is carried out with a bias to achieving certain results, like deliberate errors on boundaries. An unethical surveyor can literally donate your land to someone else, costing you land value and the costs of sorting out this problem.

(For the recordThe overwhelming majority of Australia’s professional surveyors never conduct their work in this unethical, unacceptable, way. Surveyors have a very low opinion of anyone who falsifies or manipulates survey figures. Unethical surveys are easy for professionals to disprove and surveyors will gladly offer any support needed to rectify problems.)

Managing Survey Problems

There are many issues with haphazard surveys, most of which can have very serious consequences:

  • Unreliable figures cause property and onsite problems
  • Incorrect measurements lead to possible boundary disputes
  • Construction problems may occur because of an unprofessional survey
  • Title issues may also be encountered

Each of these issues can be overwhelmingly expensive for property owners. One or two of these problems, even on a typical suburban property, can cost over a million dollars or more to rectify. A boundary dispute alone can be a major cost risk.

There’s another practical issue which can be equally expensive. Sometimes errors are not discovered until the construction phase. These errors can add considerable further costs, lost time, and construction may have to stop. The simple fact is that if one set of survey figures is wrong, the others may also be compromised.

To rectify survey problems:

  • Engage professional surveyors: These surveyors will be able to provide the correct figures you need. Their figures will also act as proof of the errors of the dodgy survey. Your surveyors will also be able to assist with technical advice regarding managing site issues and similar problems.
  • Make a complaint to your State’s Surveying regulatory authority: Land Surveyors are strictly regulated in Australia.
  • In Queensland you would take your matter to the Surveyors Board of Queensland.
  • In New South Wales you would take your matter to the Board of Surveying and Spatial Information of NSW.
  • The relevant Board of Surveying will consider your complaint and if they consider the matter to be serious investigatory, disciplinary action may follow.

Engage a specialist property lawyer: Specialist property lawyers are excellent support for any claim you may want to make against an unscrupulous surveyor. Property lawyers can also assist with managing any title or other problems caused by a bad survey. Your lawyers will use your new survey to prove your case. Additionally, your new surveyors will also be able to provide any information required to assist your claim.

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