Gold Coast City Releases New Planning Scheme for Public Comment.

Gold Coast City Releases New Planning Scheme for Public Comment.

Gold Coast City Releases New Planning Scheme for Public Comment.

The Gold Coast City Council has prepared a new Town Planning Scheme (the draft City Plan 2015) and recently made the draft available for public submission and comment.

The draft Plan sets out the Council’s intentions for future development on the Gold Coast over the next 20 years.  Any new development within the City will be required to consider (and in many instances comply with) the requirements of the new Planning Scheme.

The draft City Plan applies to all land within the City of Gold Coast area, with some exceptions such as the Southport Priority Development Area, which is subject to the proposed Southport Priority Development Area Development Scheme under the Economic Development Act 2012.

The draft City Plan 2015 is a significant regulatory tool, and the Council will rely heavily on it to shape the future of the entire City of Gold Coast area.

If you own a property or business on the Gold Coast or live or work in the City, the new City Plan 2015 may affect you.

For example, the draft City Plan 2015 may impact on what you can do with your property/home, your business or what others can do on property or within businesses that surround you.

Arnold Development Consultants have reviewed the key elements of the draft City Plan and are familiar with the principal changes between the existing town planning scheme and what development criteria will apply once the new Plan is in place.

If you would like us to assess the impact of the draft City Plan 2015 on your property or business please let us know.  We would be pleased to prepare a submission – either comprehensive or more general – on your behalf.

The public consultation period will close on Tuesday, 29 July 2014. If you would like us to lodge a submission on the draft City Plan 2015, your submission will need to be prepared and forwarded to the Council on or before close of business on the 29th.

Please let us immediately if you would like us to prepare a submission on your behalf.





Steve Crow

Planning Manager Queensland


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