How to Choose the Right Block of Land

How to Choose the Right Block of Land

How to Choose the Right Block of Land

Are you planning to buy land in Brisbane or the Gold Coast? Whether you’re buying a block of land to build on or subdivide, there are many important considerations that you can’t overlook, including the need to work with the right surveyor for the requirements of your project. At Arnold Development Consultants, our highly skilled surveyors and town planners help homebuyers and investors with their surveying needs and have extensive experience in related services, like subdivisions. Here are four important considerations to bear in mind to help you make the right choices when buying land.

1. Understand The Market And Your Options

Depending on your land-buying goals, budget and preferred location in Southeast Queensland, you may find that you have more options than you expected, or you may be surprised as to just how few options you actually have. That’s why it’s so important to take the time to understand the local market and explore your options before deciding.

Moreover, don’t just look at what’s currently available and recent trends, dive deep and look into what’s gone on over the last few years (property prices, new urban or regional developments and town planning initiatives, etc.) and what’s on the horizon. This will give you a more comprehensive understanding of the local market and your available options.

2. Know Your Budget

If you need to obtain finance before buying a block of land, it’s always advisable to know exactly how much you can obtain before you start seriously searching for the perfect block of land. You should also investigate any additional costs that may be involved, especially if you’re buying a block with the intention of subdividing.

3. Get To Know The Surrounding Area

There’s more to the perfect block of land than the lot itself, so take the time to get to know the surrounding area and research future developments, potential zoning changes, education, healthcare, public transport and other important points before making a decision.

With the major bushfire crisis this year, land buyers should also access local council records to check they’re not buying land in a bushfire prone area, not to mention an area prone to flooding or other natural disasters. Many parts of Brisbane (Western Suburbs out to Ipswich) and the Gold Coast (hinterland areas) are regularly affected by bushfires, with many areas also regularly affected by flooding, including many of the inner-city Brisbane suburbs.

Work With The Right Professionals

When buying a block of land, it’s crucially important to have it inspected to ensure it’s the right plot to build on. Along with soil tests to determine whether it’s suitable for building on and will support the foundations of your home, you’ll also need to engage surveyors and other professionals to evaluate the steepness/slope of the block with relation to construction and water runoff during storms, determine whether there are restrictions on removing trees which may be in the way of where you want to build, and any restrictions in place by local councils and town planners that can influence the type of house you can build.

At Arnold Development Consultants, our extensive surveying and town planning experience makes us the right choice when buying land in Brisbane or the Gold Coast. To speak with an ADC consultant about your land buying goals and the services we provide, please contact our Brisbane or Gold Coast office.