New Era Dawns for Council Planning

New Era Dawns for Council Planning

New Era Dawns for Council Planning

Michael Arnold (Director at ADC) was honoured to be part of the UDIA Executive Meeting with the new Gold Coast City Council Planning and Environment Director Dyan Currie.  ADC congratulates Ms Currie on her appointment and welcomes her highly communicative approach.  Development outcomes for the Gold Coast can only be improved through this appointment.

New Director of Planning Eagers to work with UDIA (Qld)

The region’s development industry is expected to come out ahead as The UDIA (Qld) Gold Coast Logan Branch met with Gold Coast City Council Planning and Environment Director Dyan Currie.

Finn Jones, David Ransom, Steve Amundsen, Greg Short, Sean Sandford, Steve Harrison, Michael Nash, Steve Mayor and Michael Arnold were in attendance.

The Gold Coast Logan Branch’s UDIA (Qld) Executive Committee meeting took place this month on the 15th and operational outcomes were on the agenda:

  • Plan Sealing processes will be streamlined and ultimately reduced with early acknowledgment goals and training between the industry council.
  • The Major projects team will be adding more people, leaving an expanded and more accessible team.
  • The Standard Conditions is under review, with the aim to clean up the process and limit “erroneous standard conditions”, according Gold Coast Logan Branch President Finn Jones.
  • The Gold Coast City Council will be looking to get more involved with the development industry after they implement the proposed engagement strategy, which will include more forums and lines of dialogue.
  • An infrastructure agreement will be made up to push along approvals quicker and help developers get their work off the ground.

There was considerable enthusiasm for eliminating unnecessary red tape and other drawn-out procedures that affect the development industry’s ability to deliver thriving communities and affordable housing. Dyan Currie is keen to ensure future development and the benefits it delivers to the community are not hampered by past problems.

UDIA (Qld) and the Gold Coast Logan Branch will continue to work together collaboratively to ensure successful and sustainable community building for the Gold Coast.

Source: UDIA, 2nd October 2015,