Planning and Development Fees To Remain Unchanged In Effort To Stimulate City Growth

Planning and Development Fees To Remain Unchanged In Effort To Stimulate City Growth


GCCC planning and development fees to remain the same to help stimulate city growth

Finally the Gold Coast City Council acts on building business, investment and job creation – congratulations to the new Council led by Tom Tate.

The removal of Priority Infrastructure Plan (PIP) charges for shovel ready development must be commended and will stimulate long overdue construction activity for the region.

Michael Arnold


No increase in planning and development fees for 2012-13

Gold Coast City Council has passed a resolution that will see no increase to its planning and development fees for 2012-13.

At its Special Budget meeting yesterday, Council resolved to continue charging planning and development fees at the 2011-12 levels with no increase proposed for the coming year.

Chair of City Planning, Councillor Cameron Caldwell, said a report to be brought back to committee in the next three months would also consider the possibility of a decrease in the planning fees along with other incentives.

“Obviously we’re very keen to see the city moving and growing again so we’re hoping that this $0 increase will provide some certainty to anyone lodging a development application, whether it be for a small scale home extension or a substantial subdivision.

“We also hope this will help stimulate the development industry, with better local job opportunities for ‘tradies’ and construction workers,” he said.

“We began our budget discussions yesterday with what we thought would be a five per cent increase to the planning and development fees and we managed to work this down to proposing a zero per cent rise,” he said.

The report will be presented to Council’s City Planning Committee within the next three months.