Queensland Property Values To Slide


Queensland Property Values to slide due to State Government Policy on Coastal Management!

The QCP ignores economic impacts: Property rights are removed without compensation; Property values will be reduced (Ie. Property values will fall not only because of the mapped risk of inundation, but because the QCP removes fundamental land-use rights); there will be negative flow on effects to the broader economy; State Government’s own assets and investments will lose value.

  • The mapping methodology is flawed: Queensland is not a bathtub (Ie. There will not be uniform sea level rises across the state like the State Government has assumed due to global warming); The QCP captures more than it should (Ie. It should not capture property above 10m AHD or further inland than 5km but it does.qld
  • The QCP allows for no intensification in mapped areas – this means no growth. You should check whether or not your property is effected immediately.
  • The QCP takes an uninformed view of adaption: Avoidance should not be the first principle; The codes are restrictive; The QCP’s language is negative (eg. “Avoid” is mentioned 48 times whilst words like “resilience” and “innovation” do not appear in the document).
  • The QCP creates additional complexity in vegetation mapping: The Government has taken a because we can approach (eg. QCP Veg. mapping aims to capture ‘areas of high ecological significance adjacent to the coast, such as coastal wetlands’ p4. However areas more than 9kms from the coastline have been mapped under the QCP as being of ‘high ecological significance’; There is no recognition of existing exemptions; There is conflicting Veg. Mapping between QCP and other DERM Plans. It is extremely unfortunate that the Queensland Coastal Plan (QCP) has been developed using the out-dated principles of retreat and avoidance rather than mitigation, innovation, resilience and adaptation. The QCP directly contradicts other Government plans and polices. It undermines the SEQ Regional Plan (Ie. Urban Footprint reduced). It undermines the Queensland Regionalisation Strategy (QRS) by negatively mapping regional centres like Townsville. It conflicts with the Climate Change Adaptation for Queensland Issues Paper. The Queensland Coastal Plan (State Planning Policy) must be re-written.