The relationship between Town Planning & Land Surveying

The relationship between Town Planning & Land Surveying

The relationship between Town Planning & Land Surveying

The work completed by town planners and surveyors is crucial to the success of a wide range of projects. The surveyors are the eyes and ears of the planner on the ground & in the technical space. The town planner is the directing force, working with both survey data and planning requirements.

On the job, the relationship is like a form of symbiosis. The surveyors work with the planners as a functional part of the planning process. Expert surveyors are major assets for planners, identifying issues and delivering accurate metrics, precise location services & titling solutions.

Surveyors in the Planning Process

Any town planning project may encounter survey-related issues, including topography, map problems, and much more.

A surveyor can assist with:

  • Obsolete map information: This is quite common and is usually a result of new land development, land use, or other onsite factors. Old maps may have unreliable information about everything from road boundaries to types of land use. The surveyor will systematically identify outdated information.
  • Inaccurate measurements: This is also common, partly because of the limited degree of accuracy on old surveys. These measurements will need to be re-measured. Surveyors will redefine measurements and provide correct metrics for planning and construction purposes.
  • Site survey problems: Site survey problems may require extensive re-evaluation at the planning level. In planning terms, it’s critically important to ensure site information is complete and updated to reflect accurate site information.
  • Boundary issues: Incorrect boundaries may relate to large areas and even multiple title issues. These problems can be potentially costly, particularly in urban areas. Boundary surveys are conducted scrupulously to avoid any risk of infringement of other properties in the planning process.
  • Old title problems: Old titles, or Pre-Torrens, are notorious for a range of Imperial measurements which may or may not be adequate for planning purposes. These titles are generally accurate in most cases, but even minor inaccuracies can cause serious issues. Old titles may include public land, private land, and even basics like easements.

 The Planning Perspective

Modern planning requires accurate metrics and plenty of warning if any kind of information is incorrect. For planners, professional survey work as a quality control can assist in avoiding potentially costly mistakes.

All expert town planners ensure accurate surveys are carried out prior to any commitment to a formal plan. Errors in planning can cause significant delays in approvals and be costly.

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