Top 3 Benefits of Subdividing Land

Top 3 Benefits of Subdividing Land

Top 3 Benefits of Subdividing Land

Queensland property with a fence running through it, against blue sky with low moon

Are you considering subdividing your property? For many Queenslanders, the concept of subdivision is a way to maximise their land, and make some money in the process.

Subdivision is a form of dividing your existing property, from one larger lot into 2 or more smaller lots. By doing this, you’re increasing your assets, making your land more marketable, and creating more liveable space.

Let’s look at these 3 top benefits more closely.

1. Double Your Profits

The most obvious advantage of subdividing is the opportunity to make more money – 2 registered lots of land will make you more money than one registered lot. In this way, you can increase the total value of your land by carving it up into sellable parts.

If you choose to subdivide, you could potentially use money from the sales of these lots to pay off your own mortgage – or spend however you like!

2. More Attractive to Buyers

By reconfiguring your land into smaller lots you can increase its marketability.

Smaller lots are easier to sell, being more affordable for potential buyers. Trying to sell a larger block of land (if it’s of a significant size) can be harder and only attractive to a niche market of buyers.

For many homebuyers today, the big Aussie backyard dream is less important than in previous decades. Landscaping now caters easily to smaller outdoor spaces, such as courtyards and patios. For Queenslanders in particular, we’ve embraced the interior design trend of bringing the outdoors in, creating fluid indoor-outdoor areas in our homes for dining, entertaining and everyday living.

3. Create More Liveable Space

Did you know that subdividing isn’t just about creating 2 parcels of land side-by-side?

Subdivision can also be about merging 2 lots into one, rearranging the configurations of your boundaries, and even creating more space either above or below your land in ‘volumetric’ subdivision. Imagine that.

Basically, it’s about using your land, your asset, in the best way for you. If your large Queenslander backyard has become more of a maintenance chore than something you enjoy, consider the advantages of subdivision – you’ll no longer have to worry about unused, wasted land and can concentrate on your own liveable space, while making money from the sale of your vacant lot.

Who Can I Contact for Advice on Subdividing in Queensland?

If you’re considering your options with subdividing, it’s always best to engage professional help.

To find out more about subdividing your land, and the benefits it could bring you, talk to Arnold Development Consultants (ADC). With over 50 years of experience in subdivisions, ADC can guide you through the process from start to finish, ensuring you’re using your land in the best way possible.