What Does a Land Surveyor Do and How Can They Help You?

What Does a Land Surveyor Do and How Can They Help You?

What Does a Land Surveyor Do and How Can They Help You?

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Have you always heard people talking about surveyors, and even seen them at work with their equipment many times, but never really understood what they do?

Land surveying is actually one of the oldest professions in the world. There’s evidence of land surveys existing in Ancient Egypt, with surveyors working to mark out land around the Nile and subdividing lots as far back as 3000 years ago.

Let’s take a look at what land surveyors (sometimes also called cadastral surveyors) do today, and how their work can help you. If you’re currently looking at purchasing land or property, you’ll want to read on.

What Exactly Does a Land Surveyor Do?

Did you know that with any construction project, the land surveyor will be the first person on-site? He or she effectively starts the project, mapping out and measuring land, using a combination of special equipment, technology and maths.

In this way, the work of a land surveyor is integral to the entire construction process, and the work of architects, engineers, builders and land developers. Their work and expertise is relied upon by other professionals for projects in mining, construction, government infrastructure, and land subdivision. They can also have a positive impact on our environment by providing projects focused on sustainability and conservation with expert information and advice.

Land surveyors work out in the field, as well as in the office. In the field, they use equipment such as GPS, Theodolites and scanners to photograph and map out areas – all areas, from the sky to the sea. In the office, they use programs such as AutoCAD to map, measure and draft plans.

A land surveyor will have an in-depth knowledge of mapping, geography, land measurement, and laws relating to land. In fact, they are the only profession who can legally define the dimensions of property, whether new or existing. This makes them an invaluable asset to developers and builder, as well as to you.

H3: How Can a Land Surveyor Help You?

When purchasing land, or a new property, a land surveyor will be able to establish your new property’s exact boundaries. This is extremely useful, and sometimes integral, for Queenlanders looking to purchase or sell land, or property owners considering subdividing their existing land. A lot of stress and conflict in the way of boundary disputes with neighbours can be avoided by having your boundaries professionally established early on.

Land, or cadastral, surveyors are also invaluable for construction and engineering projects. If you’re building a house, the measurements and findings of a land surveyor will be used by your architect when designing your new home.

For engineers and construction workers, a land surveyor’s measurements allow them to plan safely and correctly.

As you can see, the work of a land surveyor directly impacts laws of land ownership. It can also have a positive effect on matters of environmentalism, conservation and sustainability. Surveying is also incredibly important for the safety and accuracy of your development project, as well as its overall success.

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