Why Strategic Planning is Key to Town Planning Projects

Why Strategic Planning is Key to Town Planning Projects

Why Strategic Planning is Key to Town Planning Projects

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For town planners, strategic planning is an integral part of their daily processes.

If you’re involved in a town planning project, understanding the benefits of strategic planning can make for a far smoother and more stress-free project delivery.

We’ve put together some fast facts about strategic planning to help you apply strategy to your own town planning project.

What is Strategic Planning?

Strategic planning is one of the 2 key functions of town planning, which include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Land use management

Just as it’s important to correctly manage land and resources, it’s also important to develop and implement long-term plans for a community’s overall future. With strategic planning, new communities can be considered and existing areas can be re-designed or developed.

Strategic Planning for Communities

Town planners work very closely with architects and engineers to design optimal spaces for communities. With strategic planning, town planners can decide how land is used, for both residential and commercial purposes, and look at how transport routes and infrastructure can best serve the city.

They’ll also engage with stakeholders and community groups to allow for feedback and to ensure projects are carrying out proper consultation processes, as strategic planning has immediate impact on the actions of residents and property owners, and the future development of communities.

Strategic Planning for Local and State Government

Strategic planning makes up a large part of local and state government planning frameworks.

For example, both Local Government Infrastructure Plans and Community Plans use strategic planning by town planners to identify and address community needs and issues.

Community Plans are developed to capture a community’s vision and outline a strategic direction for the long-term future of each particular local government area. Infrastructure Plans can also have a direct impact on Queensland property owners, as these infrastructure plans form a basis for imposing conditions on development approvals.

By incorporating strategic planning into applications for development proposals and public policy submissions, you’ll show evidence of thorough research, foresight and potential risk mitigation.

Where Can I Get Help with Strategic Planning?

Need help preparing a Community Plan, project development or proposal to council?

If you’re looking for a consultant to assist you with strategic planning for your project, contact Queensland’s Arnold Development Consultants (ADC). With a team of professional and qualified town planners, surveyors and development consultants, they’ll provide you with expert advice for your project and help you implement it from start to finish.