Why You Should Always Use a Land Surveyor Before Buying a Property

Why You Should Always Use a Land Surveyor Before Buying a Property

Why You Should Always Use a Land Surveyor Before Buying a Property

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For Queenslanders thinking about buying a piece of land or a new home, office or commercial property, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting with your purchase.

There are many processes, permits, and hoops you need to jump through when purchasing, but there’s one step that you should never skip or skimp on – land surveying.

Here are 3 good reasons why you should always use a land surveyor before buying property.

Know Exactly What You’re Buying

Sometimes it’s not quite a case of what you see is what you get. Only a qualified and experienced land surveyor will be able to accurately measure and evaluate your prospective property.

They’ll establish the property’s exact dimensions and size, and the locations of any buildings or structures. Land surveying also takes into account natural topography of the land, identifying any slopes, hazards, natural obstacles or areas of significant cultural or heritage importance.

Having these facts and figures presented to you before sale will allow you to evaluate any development plans you may have and see factors you may not have considered when simply looking at the piece of land at face value 

Be Aware of Potential Issues with Your Land

When people are selling their land or house, they may not disclose all of the information to potential buyers in their eagerness to sell. Buying a property is likely to be the biggest investment and financial decision of your life.

Using a qualified land surveyor will ensure any issues with the land or property is apparent to you. On proper inspection, a corner may be missing from your land, or the exact property boundaries may be unclear. Structures like the house, pool, sheds and fences either on the subject property or neighbouring the property may be built in the wrong location and may even be built over the boundary – this is called an encroachment.

These things can become far bigger issues later down the track so it’s important to identify and deal with them early on, or not go ahead with the purchase if a large issue has presented itself.

Avoid Boundary Disputes with Neighbours

There’s nothing worse than being at odds with your neighbours. For Queensland homeowners, with our large backyards and generous lot sizes, one of the most common causes of neighbourhood disputes is the fence dividing 2 properties.

Boundary disputes can be avoided if each party is aware of the exact dimensions of their property and where their property lines exist. A land survey will establish these facts and remove any confusion with neighbours down the line.

If a boundary dispute does arise, land surveyors can act on your behalf to represent you.

For an experienced, registered land surveyor, contact Arnold Development Consultants (ADC), Queensland’s established property development consultants.